Received an XS Max where the FPC connector was damaged during a screen replacement. The board was damaged too. Step
Short capacitor on camera power
Repairing an iphone 8 plus rear camera by removing a power short
iphone X during separation This iPhone  X was completely dead, no sign of life at all. However when I plugged
A very unusual one! An 8 plus with no backlight. Discovered that the board underneath one of the two backlight
I've always wanted to do one of these! A 6 plus, would not restore giving error 9. Measurement of the
An iPhone 6 needed photos saved. The screen showed a damaged backlight and had no touch response, even with a
What I'd expected to be a simple camera replacement ended up being an interesting little battle. Rear camera was a
iphone 8 plus charging repair
Got in an iPhone 8, wouldn't charge. Also wasn't seen by a computer in itunes. Also wouldn't boot when power
Figured I'd start out with a simple one, just so a reader can get a feel for the process. Got

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