iPhone 8 Plus “dead bug” backlight repair

iPhone 8 Plus “dead bug” backlight repair

A very unusual one! An 8 plus with no backlight. Discovered that the board underneath one of the two backlight chips was destroyed, completely delaminated. Honestly not sure how that happened, I’m guessing excess heat from the chip? I do know that originally someone had foolishly tried to remove the rear glass with the motherboard still in the phone. Anyway, this is what it looked like after cleaning it up:

Ruined Motherboard iPhone 8 plus

I considered trying to piece together the board again with jumpers but decided it would never be stable. So instead I went for a “dead bug”! (lying on it’s back, feet up in the air). Chip was expoxied to the board.

Backlight chip on it’s back.

Some of the signals were only available from under the second backlight chip, so step one was grabbing those

After that, just a matter of piecing it all together, including two signals from the front of the board.

Completed Repair

Ok, yes it’s not pretty, but it works!

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